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Mathis Medley - Derek Ventura

Derek Ventura sings Johnny Mathis

 The Early Years circa 1957 through 1965


Over the years, Derek Ventura has learned a lot about perfecting vocal and microphone technique skillfully before audiences of all sizes. He has sung every genre of music throughout his nearly 40 year recording career. Having accomplished his personal goals, he felt the time had come to pay homage to one of the all-time greats who helped shape his own style today, through song.


One such Johnny Mathis.

Of him a reviewer once said, "Johnny Mathis turned popular music into a profound art" (Jasper, 1984).

 Time and time again, he succeeds in holding audiences simply by the way he shapes and molds a song, bringing out any depth

in the lyrics and subtly forcing the melody upon our consciousness, no matter if he's whispering or belting, partly by the skill of his phrasing, partly by the extraordinary quality of his distinctive voice"

(Jasper, 1984, 97).


In a 90 minute tribute, "Derek Ventura sings Johnny Mathis - The Early Years circa 1957 through 1965", Ventura works his way through the early Mathis catalogue, not as an impersonator or look-alike, but as one of the finest interpreters of the early works of Johnny Mathis, providing stunningly accurate versions of the original recordings to match his unique vocal style and commitment to the material.


               Johnny Mathis fans...this is a show not to be missed!

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